Shapleys HistoryOur business began in 1938 when a Waterloo, Iowa barber named Henry E. Shapley developed a tonic to treat his customers’ skin problems. An enthusiastic horseman, he soon discovered that the formula worked as well on his horses as it did on his customers. That tonic became Shapley’s initial product, called then as it is now, Original M-T-G, its initials standing for Mane-Tail-Groom.

Shapley’s reputation quickly spread. Over the years, Shapley’s added other grooming items to its line until we now offer an extensive and all-inclusive line of equine grooming products. Generations of horsemen around the world representing a wide range of breeds and disciplines, have continued to place their trust in us making our company a leader in the horse care industry.  Shapley’s mission statement is that our customers, human and equine, come first. We will always maintain our tradition of innovation driven by your requirements.

In celebrating our 75th Anniversary, we offer a sincere “thank you” to our faithful customers and an enthusiastic “welcome” to all new members of the Shapley’s family.

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