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Chrome on legs is so flashy! And also so time consuming to maintain… unless you have a plan!

The best way to maintain great chrome legs is to have a healthy horse with a super shiny, and naturally oily, coat. This starts with a healthy diet and elbow grease. LOTS of elbow grease. Then, we can do somethings that really make that chrome stand out.


The first thing you can do is clip the legs. This creates a super easy leg to clean, and will remove any existing stains on the hairs. Most show horses are clipped from the knees and hocks down, using a clipper blade that doesn’t clip too close to the delicate pink skin. Look at the number of the blade you are using - and just below it you will find how many mm of hair the blade leaves. Anything less than 1.5 mm is too short for pink skin. You could use a blade that leaves 2.8 mm. Fly boots are a good idea if you clip chrome - this protects from the sun and bugs. You don’t have to clip your horse’s lower legs, but many show horses are groomed that way.


Lots of shampoo options - to treat sensitive skin, use Medi-Care, for brightening whites, use Equi-Tone.

Now that you have clipped legs (or even if you skip this step), here are more tips on getting and keeping that chrome white.

  • Use the fan setting on a spray nozzle to squeegee the dirt and shampoo from your horses legs in the wash rack.
  • In between shampoo sessions, use Easy Out to remove stains and neutralize odors!


  • Towel dry the legs, and even consider using a fan to speed up drying in the summer.
  • Use a shine product or detangler to coat the leg hairs and help prevent stains. Magic Sheen creates a barrier between a clean horse and a stain. If your horse does get a stain, you can wipe it away.
  • Keep your horse’s living quarters super clean. Scoop manure and urine spots from his bedding more often if needed.
  • Use Show Touch-Ups to create blinding white before you enter the show ring.


  • Only use super clean boots and wraps while you exercise your horse. There’s no need to put dirty boots on a clean horse. That’s the equivalent of using dirty brushes to clean your horse.

Think marathon, not sprint. A healthy horse with a natural bloom doesn’t happen overnight!

Product Focus

Shapley's Medi-Care Shampoo

Infused with Tea Tree Oil and Lemongrass, this outstanding skin care shampoo helps horses with sensitive skin and skin issues.

Medi-Care smells clean and fresh, and will leave your horse soothed.


Grooming Tip

Help your horse looking good throughout the summer by letting him dry before turning him out.

Supplement his hair coat with Equi-Tone to bring out the highlights of his own color


In the News

Shapley's is honored to support horse sport of all disciplines! This spring Shapley's traveled to Kentucky for the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event.

He we are giving the world famous Shapley's Bucket to Michael Jung, Winner of the event and #1 ranked Event Rider in the world



“Magic Sheen is the only shine product I trust on my horse and it works beautifully! It detangles quickly, leaves a high shine and I just love the smell. And it repels dirt better than any product I have used before without drying out his coat. My horse always stays much cleaner than his barn mates!”