Get more bang for your buck - there's more than one use for many of Shapley's products!

From unsticking zippers, to hoof polish that won't wear off, to bringing back shine after clipping, Shapley's has you covered.

No. 1 Light Oil

-Post clipping deep conditioner. Coat your horse with some No. 1 Light Oil, toss on a sheet, and let it set a few hours or overnight. The next day the freshly clipped hair will be soft and shiny.

-Highlighter. Before you step into the show ring, you can highlight your horse’s face and nose with a gentle rub of No. 1 Light Oil.

-Detangler. For wind knots, crazy tails, and unruly manes. The Light Oil will leave a bit of a residue, so dirt may stick. But, if you have a major detangling mess on your hands the Light Oil will make fast work of it. It’s easily rinsed out with some Hi Shine Shampoo.

-Shedding hair collector. Spritz your horse with No. 1 Light Oil and then rub your horse down with a towel. This contains most of the shedding hairs, which means less to sweep, less to sneeze about, less to get stuck on your lip gloss.

-Prevent blanket rubs with a light coating before blankets are put on.

-Shine maker. Use No. 1 Light Oil with a spray nozzle to spritz on a light mist of shine. You can follow with a brush.

-Pre Clipping treatment - after a thorough bath, use No. 1 Light Oil to condition and lubricate your horse's coat. Your clippers will glide through and your clipping time is reduced.

-Create luster and sheen on manes and tails. Use that same spray nozzle to apply a tiny amount to manes and tails, the No. 1 Light Oil makes the hair light up. Only a tiny bit is needed!

-Protect your show ring tail extensions. No. 1 Light Oil is a great conditioner, and you can use it on your horse’s tail extensions to preserve and condition the hairs.

Magic Sheen

-Added shine. Use before a ride to sleek up your horse. Wow the judges, or just your barn mates.

-Detangled tail. A little bit goes a long way and works for a tail that is brushed out as well as a tail that is picked out - your choice.

-Stain repellent. Great to use on socks and stockings, tails and manes to repel stains. Grass and manure spots slide off easily!

-Helmet hair helper. Nothing says “I live in a barn” more than helmet hair. A little Magic Sheen on your locks with a brush can turn crazy hair into civilized hair. If you are into that sort of thing.

-Zipper unsticking. Ever been stuck in a pair of riding boots or breeches due to an uncooperative zipper? Spray some Magic Sheen and you are good to go.

-Make your shampoo go further. A spritzing with Magic Sheen after a bath creates a layer of dust and dirt repelling goodness.

-Your clippers will be like a hot knife through butter. Use Magic Sheen before you clip. Saves your clipper blades, reduces lines, and makes the whole clipping process easy.

-Protect tail and mane hairs from breakage. Dry and brittle hairs break, but protected hairs are less likely to get snagged and break.

-Remove burrs from manes and tails. Also super for wind knots!

-Prevent blanket rubs. A sleek coat lets the blankets glide easily over your horse, reducing blanket rubs!

Other Grooming Tips with Shapley's!

Product Focus

Shapley's Easy Out No Rinse Shampoo

Perfect for winter touch ups, organic stains, and deodorizing your horse when the wash rack is not an option.

Use sparingly with a damp towel, stains and odors disappear!

Grooming Tips

When clipping your horse, save your clipper blades and prevent tugging on your horse's skin. Use Shapley's Magic Sheen before you clip your horse.

To restore shine and bloom to a freshly clipped horse, use No. 2 Heavy Oil as a post clipping spray.

In the News

The Famous Shapley's Groom's Class has returned to Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL!

Weeks 5 and 10 host the Class - $1,000.00 in prize money and lots of great prizes for all entries.

You can enter at the Class - Held on Fridays at Ring 8, 3 o'clock in the afternoon! Bring your cheering squad!



“Magic Sheen is the only shine product I trust on my horse and it works beautifully! It detangles quickly, leaves a high shine and I just love the smell. And it repels dirt better than any product I have used before without drying out his coat. My horse always stays much cleaner than his barn mates!”