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Tails get dirty from lot of things...wet bedding, rolling in the dirt or grass, urine (mares...), products that act as glue for dirt, you name it. It's always a challenge to keep a healthy, and clean, and white tail. Start from the inside out, with good nutrition. A well balanced diet, paired with diligent daily grooming and the best horse grooming products will keep your horse show ring ready all the time.

The key to keeping your horse's tail blinding white is to first gently clean it, and then create a barrier to prevent future stains. Gentle and effective products will not harm the delicate hair and create an inviting surface for future stains. Diligent use of conditioners, detangles, and clean stalls will go along way to preventing the yellow, green, and brown stains that often haunt tails. If you are lucky enough to have a horse with a darker tail, stains are not as easily seen, but the damage stains can do will be felt with your fingers.


Natural Elegance Conditioner helps to repel stains.

A lot of us like those blueing shampoos, and have used them with success. Shapley's EquiTone Shampoos are designed to work with your horse's natural hair color, from white to black and every shade in between, to gently remove stains and enhance the color without damaging the hair. This is a great first step at removing existing stains.

Once you have used a stain removing shampoo, carry on to the protection phase to repel future tail stains.

Conditioners can help create that necessary barrier between your horse's tail and stains. A good conditioner will seal the hair shaft, create more shine, and soften the tail hairs. Be sure to rinse well, as proper rinsing will prevent any sticky residue from attracting dust and dirt. Shapley's Natural Elegance is ideal for manes, tails, and coats to soften and condition your horse's hair.


For day to day help with stain repelling, Magic Sheen works wonders.

Detangles and shine products, like Magic Sheen, are daily conditioners and stain repellents that can be used wet or dry. They also serve to add another layer of shine - which is great for the show ring to really wow the judges (and your competition!). Quick tip here - use Magic Sheen detangler after you bathe your horse, and the post bath rolling dirt and dust will slide off. This also keeps your horse's tail blinding white!

Product Focus

Shapley's Medi-Care Shampoo

Infused with Tea Tree Oil and Lemongrass, this outstanding skin care shampoo helps horses with sensitive skin and skin issues.

Medi-Care smells clean and fresh, and will leave your horse soothed.


Grooming Tip

Help your horse looking good throughout the summer by letting him dry before turning him out.

Supplement his hair coat with Equi-Tone to bring out the highlights of his own color


In the News

Shapley's is honored to support horse sport of all disciplines! This spring Shapley's traveled to Kentucky for the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event.

He we are giving the world famous Shapley's Bucket to Michael Jung, Winner of the event and #1 ranked Event Rider in the world



“Magic Sheen is the only shine product I trust on my horse and it works beautifully! It detangles quickly, leaves a high shine and I just love the smell. And it repels dirt better than any product I have used before without drying out his coat. My horse always stays much cleaner than his barn mates!”