Shapley's Show Touch Ups

Show Touch Ups were created exclusively by Shapley’s specifically for horses. This incredible product covers stains, scars, blemishes and flaws on your horse’s coat. It can also be sprayed in tails to create a fuller appearance. Show Touch Ups are a must have for any horse competing or whenever you want to improve the appearance of your horse.

Show Touch Ups are safe and effective to use. They will not wash off in the rain, smear, clump or wipe off. They are easily removed by an oil based product such as Shapley’s Hi Gloss. Do not use an oil based fly spray over the color as it will remove and cause color to run. Show Touch Ups can also wear off your horse’s hair causing no damage.

Show Touch Ups produce a natural look and feel. They are available in 8 colors to perfectly match your horse’s coat. They are excellent to hide any stains or blemishes on horses in halter, conformation or performance classes at shows. The White Touch Up is incredible for making white markings on your horse pop and for covering any stains.

Simply spray the Show Touch Up on to your horse’s coat or tail in an even layer. Add color layer by layer until it matches the surrounding hair or completely covers the stain. Keep can about 12 inches from horse as you are spraying. Use a cloth to apply to horse’s head and in the case of white markings cover the surrounding darker hair with towel, tape or the like to keep white spray from getting on dark hair.

Show Touch Ups are available in 10 oz aerosol cans.

The colors are available in Black, White, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Chestnut, Sorrel, Palomino, and Gray.


I show a flashy paint gelding and I have never been able to show off his beautiful 4 white socks. That is, until I saw your Show Touch Up spray advertised. I bought it and have been so impressed ever since! I look forward to purchasing more of your products. Thank you for making such a wonderful product and please keep up the great work!!


Hello, I just wanted to tell you how much I love your Show Touch-Up's! I could not get a yellow stain out of my mare's white tail for a show and as a bit of a last result, I decided to give your product a try. I sprayed it on the night before our classes and the next day her tail was a beautiful, NATURAL looking, white and best of all, the judges couldn't even tell I'd used anything because her tail still flowed and moved freely. I will never be without a can of white Touch-Up for my mare and will also be buying black next year for my other horses. Thanks so much for this awesome product!!


“Our tester was really impressed with the difference the (Show Touch Ups) sprays made in her horses’ appearance. She’d always prided herself on turning her charges out looking as good as could be—but ‘whew’, she commented, ‘did they look great after I painted them!’ The color ‘brought back to life’ the sunburned, faded tails of several chestnut and bay horses in her string—and, as a bonus, made the hair look thicker and fuller. The black spray restored a gray mare’s age-whitened legs to their original dark contrast with her dappled coat. In all cases, the colors held up all day long without running or fading, even during a sweaty summer show.


I first encountered this product at a paint horse show where I needed a quick touch up and no water for bathing was available. The Mobile tack shop suggested your product and I’ve been hooked ever since!!! We use it not only on our show horses, but our show cattle too!!! I am so pleased to find that I can order it online instead of picking it up at the horse show! How wonderful, keep up the good work.


We personally have Buckskin that never enters the show ring without your black spray on his legs. I cannot tell you how many shops I have talked into carrying your products. If you are ever looking for a horse for any ads, we would love for you to consider ours. He is a world champion, and is gorgeous.


Helpful Hints

  • Spray hair evenly from a distance of 8-12 inches away.
  • To keep from spraying color onto an area of another color, place plastic wrap, tape, or a towel over the hair not to be colored.
  • Show Touch Ups will not wash away in the rain. The lighter colors will wash out with shampoo but to completely remove you need to use an oil based product like Shapley’s Hi Gloss to break down the color and remove it.
  • Be careful using an oil based product such as Hi Gloss or fly spray after you apply the color as it will cause the color to run.
  • Show Touch Ups can wear off with no harm to the hair.
  • Show Touch Ups will add volume when sprayed in a tail.
  • If you need to blend in to the surrounding hair, you can spray the blemished area with Show Touch Up and then brush over it with a hard brush to help color blend in.
  • You can also spray the colors into a disposable container and mix colors until you get the perfect match. It will then need to be applied with a brush.

Product Focus

Shapley's Easy Out No Rinse Shampoo

Perfect for winter touch ups, organic stains, and deodorizing your horse when the wash rack is not an option.

Use sparingly with a damp towel, stains and odors disappear!

Grooming Tips

When clipping your horse, save your clipper blades and prevent tugging on your horse's skin. Use Shapley's Magic Sheen before you clip your horse.

To restore shine and bloom to a freshly clipped horse, use No. 2 Heavy Oil as a post clipping spray.

In the News

The Famous Shapley's Groom's Class has returned to Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL!

Weeks 5 and 10 host the Class - $1,000.00 in prize money and lots of great prizes for all entries.

You can enter at the Class - Held on Fridays at Ring 8, 3 o'clock in the afternoon! Bring your cheering squad!



“Magic Sheen is the only shine product I trust on my horse and it works beautifully! It detangles quickly, leaves a high shine and I just love the smell. And it repels dirt better than any product I have used before without drying out his coat. My horse always stays much cleaner than his barn mates!”