Grooming Kit

Be prepared with the best.


Shapley’s GROOMING Kit makes the perfect accessory for any horse enthusiast or as an extra kit for the barn or trailer. It’s also the perfect gift for the horse owner or trainer in your life. You will never be without the essential tools of the grooming trade again with the Shapley’s Grooming Kit at your fingertips.

Shapley’s Grooming Kit contains 6 oz bottles of Original M-T-G, Easy-Out, Magic Sheen and Hi Shine along with a Shapley’s Super Tail Bag and Pick. All are packaged together in a convenient vinyl carrying bag.


The grooming kit is a perfect fundraiser project for 4H and other youth groups.  Many local tack stores will partner with your group selling the grooming kits to you at their cost.  Have the members go out and take order for the kit selling it at suggested retail and it becomes a win-win.  Your organization makes money, the customer gets quality products and the store gets the repeat sales from the new user.


“ this grooming kit for a thank you gift to our trainers and friends! Perfect when you want to give them a little something that you know they will use and enjoy.  Thanks so much.”–- J.W.

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