Magic Sheen


Magic Sheen was voted by the esteemed Horse Journal as the ‘Top Choice’ silicone hair polish on the market! This special blend results in an exceptional shine and a lustrous, healthy coat, mane and tail.

Magic Sheen will not dry out the hair as other silicone products may and is safe enough to use every day. One application will repel dirt and stains for up to a week. Magic Sheen will keep dust, stains and dirt out of your horse’s coat to reduce grooming time. Applying several times a week to mane and tail hair will keep them free of tangles and reduce hair loss.

Spray Magic Sheen on wet or dry hair. Do not apply to the saddle area or on mane or tail hair to be braided. Magic Sheen will give a protective coating to the hair shaft that will reduce hair damage and will keep the hair satiny smooth.

Magic Sheen is available in 6 oz sprayer bottle, 32 oz sprayer bottle and 1 gallon container.


  • Magic Sheen can be applied to a wet or dry coat.
  • Don’t apply Magic Sheen to the saddle area or to mane and tails to be braided as it will make the areas slick.
  • Spray Magic Sheen on tail hair several times a week to keep tangles from forming and to keep debris from getting caught in tail.
  • One application of Magic Sheen will help to repel dust and dirt for up to a week.


I just wanted to drop you a little note about 3 of your products. I absolutely love you high shine shampoo, I have used many other shampoos for my horses and none of them leave the horse feeling as soft and silky as High Shine. The thing I like the most about the High Shine Shampoo is that it doesn't dry their coat or their skin out leaving them to appear dull and dry looking. I recently bought a horse that was not cared for in the standards that I care for my animals, her coat was very dull, her mane and tail were very dried out and brittle. I was totally amazed at her appearance after just 1 washing with the High Shine Shampoo, she was shiny and very silky feeling. I used your Natural Elegance Conditioner on her mane and tail, wow, what a difference, her mane and tail were easy to comb thru, and seemed to have better elasticity. I have been using you Magic Sheen on her also, the thing I like best about this product is that it actually repels the dirt to keep the horse cleaner for a longer period of time. I have always been a user of Show Sheen on my horses, but Magic Sheen seems to give them a better shine and doesn't seem to leave to build up on the hair like Show Sheen. I would recommend these product to anyone they are absolutely fantastic––B.S.

“Magic Sheen is the only shine product I trust on my horse and it works beautifully! It detangles quickly, leaves a high shine and I just love the smell. And it repels dirt better than any product I have used before without drying out his coat. My horse always stays much cleaner than his barn mates!”––S.S.

I am writing to tell you how wonderful I think Magic Sheen is. I used some that my trainer had to try and detangle my horse's mane. I sprayed it on and left it in overnight since it really was a mess and nearly hopeless. The next day I was ready to ""do battle"" with the tangles, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they combed out very easily and without losing a lot of hair. Since I couldn't find Magic Sheen at a retailer near where I live, I found the company online and ordered directly. Thank you so much for your product and your help!––T.K.

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Magic Sheen

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