Super Tail Bag


Shapley’s Super Tail Bag protects and keeps tail clean, promoting growth and preventing sun bleaching. Quick and easy Velcro closure holds bag in place while allowing bag to release if hooked or snagged.  Red 24” bag is made of lightweight, durable nylon.



  • After putting on bag, make sure your horse can still use tail to swat flies.
  •  Never apply bag or wrap to the tail bone, with or without use of Original M-T-G.
  •  Do not put wet tail in bag, as it can cause mold/mildew damage.
  •  Keep a watchful eye on your horse if new to bags. Sometimes young or bored horses love to chew on the bag.


 “Thank you for your Super Tail saved my horse’s tail and I will be forever grateful.  When I got this in your grooming kit I was a bit skeptical that it would really work.  Well...let me tell does!  I had braided and bagged my quarter horse’s tail (which reaches the ground!) and turned her out.  Her pasture mate decided he was bored and started biting at her tail.  Fortunately, his teeth got the bag...and ended up in his mouth...without her tail!!  Made a believer out of me!”–- S.T.

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