Super Tail Pick

Shapleys-Super-Tail-PickShapley’s Tail Pick, with an easy to hold handle and wide teeth, removes tangles and burrs from manes and tails with minimal hair loss and breakage.


Start at the bottom of the tail and work up. Hold the tail above where you are combing to eliminate creating tension at the hair follicle, which can weaken it.  Work in small sections until the entire tail is snarl free.

If the tail has burrs and other “items” in it or is extremely tangled, apply Original M-T-G lightly to the entire tail and leave on overnight. The Original M-T-G will help prevent any skin issues that may be wanting to start on the tail bone.  Use the Super Tail Pick to work out the tangles and burrs the next day and wash out.  The results are a healthy, beautiful tail!


“The Super Tail Pick is just the perfect comb to keep in my back pocket when I need to pick out tail snarls.  Great size and grip!”–- B.C.

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