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Shedding Tips for Your Horse in the Spring!

When the fur starts to fly, you know it’s time for more elbow grease and staying out of the wind for a grooming session!You have many options on how to help your horse shed out to a more comfortable summer coat.

Curry all the time! Before and after a ride, first thing in the morning, last thing at night, maybe twice at lunch. You can never curry too much.

Pick your tools wisely. Hard curry combs and metal shedding blades are not appropriate for your horse’s legs or face or shoulders, hips, and other bony parts. Use softer curry combs and vary the pressure you apply to get best results.


No. 1 Light Oil is wonderful for preparing a horse for clipping, and it’s also good as a shedding rub down. Spritz a few dollops on a cloth or towel, and wipe your horse down after a good grooming. Additional hair will be picked up on the cloth, and your horse will have some extra conditioning and shine.

Let your horse get his rolls in! If he has a favorite sandy patch to roll in, give him extra time outside to get the rolling done. Rolling on the ground is like using the earth as a giant curry comb, loosening a lot of the hair for you!

You can also bathe your horse when the weather is cooperating. It’s a wet curry comb session, but the bonus is that the hose washes away all of the loose hair instead of hair flying into your nose and sticking all over the place.

Your choice of shampoo will also help - Equitone Shampoo comes in several shades from Gold to Chestnut to Black which all help the shedding horse not look so blotchy.


If your barn has a grooming vacuum, now’s the time to use it. You will be sweeping a lot less, too.

Consider clipping. Remember that a healthy horse’s coat will always even out. You would do a partial or full clip in the spring during shedding season to make your horse comfortable. This has a lot to do with climate, your horse’s exercise routine, and how much he sweats. A clipped horse will still shed, the hairs will just be shorter.

Have a great spring!

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Grooming Tip

Help your horse looking good throughout the summer by letting him dry before turning him out.

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